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We offer fully equipped conference rooms in a historical setting.

Our facilities are fitting for meetings and conferences of all sizes

We pay full attention to the needs and request of our guest, from the first time we meet till the moment we part.

Here you will find information about our conference facilities. Hover your cursor above the images for more information.



Norra Banérrummet
Board meeting, max 20 people


Ridderstads Rum
University banquet max 28 people
School banquet max 34 people
Movie viewing max 55 people
“Islands” layout max 30 people


University banquet max 40 people
School banquet max 60 people
Movie viewing max 120 people
“Islands” layout max 66 people

All of our conference packages include:

  • Conference room
  • Group room
  • WiFi
  • Technical equipment
  • Morning & afternoon coffee with accompanying snack
  • Lunch
  • Candy, fruit and water
  • Pens and stationary

Max capacity:

  • School banquet max 60 people
  • Movie viewing max 120 people
  • University banquet max 30 people

If you wish to book an activity in conjunction with a conference we are happy to provide ideas and inspiration. If you wish to finish your event with dinner and entertainment we can make arrangements to fit your needs.

Please feel free to ask, we are happy to provide more information.

There are parking spots close to our venue. You can also easily reach us by public transit. Simply take buss nr 2 or 18 from the central station. Alternatively you can take buss nr 2 towards “US” from “Trädgårdstorget”.


We were a group of 20 people and Livgrenadjärmässens venue has met our needs perfectly. Wonderful hospitality and great service in a nice setting. We are happy to come back again!

Educational conference in oktober 2015

I’d like to highlight and emphasize the unique setting, the feeling of an out-of-town retreat so close to the city centre and the wonderful service – especially their dedication to being flexible.

Stefan Petersson, Sententia Management AB

Focus on you as a guest is 100%. I always felt like they hade time for me. They treated me like a valued and important guest. No question was too small of too difficult, everything was taken care of with ease and a smile. This combined with that the venue is easy to find and has great parking options I believe Livgrenadjärsmässen is as good as it gets!

Johan Kristiansson, CEO, S:t kors


How many can attend the conference if you want to have a school-layout?2019-04-05T11:03:26+02:00

We can seat up to 50 people in a school-layout.

How many can be at the conference if you want to sit in a cinema-layout?2019-04-05T11:04:03+02:00

We can accommodate up to 120 people in a cinema-style layout.

How many can be at the conference if you want to sit in a U-layout?2019-04-05T11:04:27+02:00

We can accommodate up to 20 people in a U-layout?

What is included in a conference package?2019-04-05T11:05:03+02:00

All conference packages include use of a main room, a group room, morning and afternoon coffee, lunch, fruit, water and candy. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi and a projector.

What is served for lunch during a conference?2019-04-05T11:05:46+02:00

Included in the price is our meal of the day, salad buffet, bread & butter, coffee and biscuits. If you wish to have something else, for example a two-course lunch, we are happy to arrange it.

What is served with coffee?2019-04-05T11:06:34+02:00

During the morning we serve a sandwich and during the afternoon we serve biscuits or pastries. We can of course serve sandwiches during the afternoon if you wish.

Will there be multiple conferences at the venue at the same time?2019-04-05T11:07:11+02:00

We might host multiple groups simultaneously, but we try to separate groups and provide privacy as much as possible.

Are the conference facilities adapted to suit those who are physically impaired?2019-04-05T11:07:43+02:00

We have an elevator too one of our floors and our toilets are equipped with handrails. Please give notice if there will be physically impaired people in the group, we will do our best to meet their needs.

Is there parking available?2019-04-05T11:09:22+02:00

There is an abundance of parking close to our venue. Though you must pay a fee with a credit or debit card.

How can I reach the venue by public transit?2019-04-05T11:09:51+02:00

From the central station you can take buss nr 2 or nr 18. From “Trädgårdstorget” you can take buss nr 2 towards “US” which is the university hospital.

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