We arrange parties, both small and large.

We are happy to help with everything, from selecting the menu to arranging entertainment.

Our base-price covers venue, staff and work both before and after the event.

We can seat up to 110 people in our grand hall. Though we can seat up to 150 people in total. After dinner we can arrange a dance in our beautiful venue.

We can also help arrange entertainment. We offer help with arranging a DJ, live musicians or a audio system for use with Spotify. After dinner we can provide a full bar. Anything to make your event a success.

Information we require about your event:

  • Date and time
  • Number of guests
  • If you wish to have a seated dinner or a buffet
  • What entertainment or activity you wish to have
  • If you wish to have a dance
  • A theme
  • Drinks and refreshments
  • Budget

With this information we will arrange a party to your liking.

Questions and Answers about Parties

How many people do you get in your party room / banquet hall?2019-04-04T16:37:07+02:00

We can seat 150 people in total.

What does it cost to rent only your party room / banquet hall?2019-04-04T16:38:18+02:00

We do not offer the venue as a stand-alone offer, but the venue is included in the package price.

How do you know what it costs to rent your party room / banquet hall?2019-04-04T16:38:48+02:00

The price depends on what you wish to have served and other services. You are welcome to contact us for a price proposal.

May you bring your own food?2019-04-04T16:39:21+02:00

We do not have the facilities to prepare our own food. However, we cooperate with several different catering companies to be able to offer whatever you want.

Are table decorations included in the price?2019-04-04T16:39:51+02:00

Yes, decorations are included in the price. Talk to us about what colour scheme you would like.

Is there a projector?2019-04-04T16:40:17+02:00

Yes, there is a ceiling mounted projector in our party room / banquet hall.

Is there a sound system for speeches and presentations?2019-04-04T16:40:45+02:00

Yes, we have an audio system that can be used for speeches and presentations, though it is usually not needed.

Do you have a sound system suitable for dancing?2019-04-04T16:41:15+02:00

Yes, we can provide a system suitable for dancing. We arrange and customize the system depending on how many people will be at the event.

Is there any bar?2019-04-04T16:41:42+02:00

We can open a bar after dinner if you wish. We accept cards. If you want a open bar or subsidize the price we are happy to arrange it.

Can you arrange entertainment, live bands or DJs?2019-04-05T06:59:21+02:00

Yes, through our partnerships we can offer a rich variety of entertainment. Just say what type of entertainment you want, and we will arrange it.

How long will the party go?2019-04-05T07:00:16+02:00

We usually close at 01.00 AM, but if you want to be open until 02.00 AM we can accommodate that too.

Can host a smaller group in the party room?2019-04-05T07:00:47+02:00

We also have rooms that are suitable for smaller parties.

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