We want your stay with us to be a positive experience. Therefore, we have here collected information about our accessibility so that you can prepare for your stay. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Livgrenadjärmässen is situated on Brigadgatan 8 in Linköping. The building has four floors. The hotel is to be found on the first and second floor and the mess halls on the third and fourth floor. The elevator can be used for the first, second and third floor.

If you are in need of disability parking, it can be found close to our elevator. Contact us beforehand so that we can meet you outside with a parking permit.

The elevator is located on the west side of the building. Entrance from the ground floor is placed on the short end of the elevator. The first, second and third floor are entered through a door on the long side. This implies that there is a rather sharp turn in and out from the elevator. Please see below for image and measurements. We have disability-adapted door openers both inside and outside the elevator.

Banquet and Conference Halls
Our mess halls are located on the third and fourth floor. If you plan to book a banquet or conference, we ask you to inform us if there is somebody in the party who cannot walk on stairs. That is so we can place you in a suitable room.

Bathrooms in our Banquet and Conference Halls
There are three steps to the bathroom, but we have the possibility to put out a ramp for wheelchairs. The total height of these stairs is 60 centimeters, so the ramp will be rather steep. The bathroom is spacious and has one handle on the wall and one foldable handle on one side of the toilet. The bathroom sink and the toilet are installed according to standard measurements.

Hotel room with extra accessibility
We have one handicap accessible room. The room has a door opener and is unlocked with a set of buttons. The height of the bed is 74 centimeters and is placed so that there is a space of 240 centimeters from one side of the bed to the wall. The bathroom has a toilet lowered to 50 centimeters with handles on both sides. The bathroom sink has a height of 80 centimeters. The shower has a vertical handle on the wall and a handheld showerhead.