We value sustainability and environmental impact is always a concern for us.
We use the global goals as a plan for how we together can make the world a better place for all.
Below you will find what we are doing to reach the global goals.

  1. We donate items we no longer need to good causes.
  2. We donate leftover food.
  3. We value our working environment and have put a great effort into documenting and organizing our working environment.
  4. We educate our staff continuously.
  5. We work to provide equal opportunities regardless of gender and have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.
  6. We constantly work to reduce our water consumption.
  7. We try to use renewable energy when possible.
  8. Our staff have good and dignified working conditions. We also try to train young people with disabilities who want work experience.
  9. A rich history doesn’t stop us from innovating.
  10. We treat everyone as equals, both staff and guests. Everyone is welcome!
  11. We keep ourselves updated about Linköpings quest to become a sustainable city.
  12. We try to reduce our food waste.
  13. When catering events we carpool when possible.
  14. We only serve fish that is caught with sustainable practise.
  15. All the meat we serve is sold by certified suppliers that do not sell poached meat.
  16. All guests and staff shall always feel safe.
  17. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

This work is done without compromising quality. Environmental responsibility is a central focus point for our work.

Our business provides an easy option for customers that value sustainability. For example, we can provide vegetarian or locally produced food and alternatives to buffets. Our responsibility stretches beyond our own enterprise, therefor we try to encourage our suppliers to work more sustainably.

Iterating and constant improvement is the way forward. We encourage our staff to think creatively and innovate our sustainability work.